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Helping Heal Lives One Conversation At a Time

Messages that provide healing to your spirit and soul that last a lifetime.
This is a non-judgmental zone. You are safe here. 


I am Camellia ready to serve! Guess what? You are NOT here by accident!

You are here because you are either tired and defeated and not sure where else to turn. Or, just looking for answers in this crazy place we call life on Earth. Whether it’s your love life or just life in general. Rest assured if we are both a good fit. Together, we can get you those answers! I am here to assist you on this journey. You are not alone!  Are you ready to start a life full of joy, peace and confidence?  Because I am. Let's do this!

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There are lots of readers out there, and like you. I need answers; but I need to be able to trust and open up to my reader. Anyone, can take my money and tell me random BS or tell me something anyone can guess!  Reading with me is like reading with a good friend, sister, or mom.
 I  do require that clients  email, text or call me. Then I will call and set up a schedule with you. I like to give my clients VIP treatment and know that you are comfortable with the service I will provide. As well as, make sure we are a good fit!

Video or Audio General Reading (no love)

This reading is also Great for special needs (autism, down syndrome, Aspergers etc. and Pets!

Are you on the right path? What is going on with you spiritually the areas we cannot see. Plus two additional question. Each additional question $10. This reading  can be distributed by audio or video.

 72 hr Turn around

$33 taxes included

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For a personal message by videon or audio. Call, text or email  


Email: higherlearningneeded@gmail.com

Messages are done with careful prayer and meditation before messages are requested from Yahuah (God).

Disclaimer: I as a reader have the right to refuse a reading. Typically I will refuse if I feel it is beyond my scope of practice and it is discovered there may be a need for a a licensed professional Therapist. I will not discriminate based on age, sex,sexual orientation, religion; creed or gender. 

⚠️Legal Stuff ⚠️
You are solely responsible for your life. Messages are guidance only you have your own intuition and connection to the most high. The choices you make are your responsibility. Readings are not to replace medical, financial, psychological and or business advice. Higher Learning and Healing, Camellia Crenshaw Consulting LLC, nor I; are responsible for the decisions made after messages are given. Via podcast, email, social Media or any other web or media distribution platform. Must be 18 to request a reading. 

Sense of balance

Readings can save you time from making unnecessary mistakes in life. Helping to assist you with mental and spiritual balance.

Delivers Necessary Messages 

Since childhood our connection with Yah (God) has and is constantly being taking away by work, family, etc. Spiritual guidance can help to get necessary; often life changing messages to you.

Helps you connect

Helps you to get the connection back with your heavenly Creator. Hopefully teaching you how to reconnect as well.

About me

Since a very young age I knew there was a higher power. Although, I could not see this higher power I would speak to and pray daily to it. When I was 9 years old I openly gave my life to Yahusha (Christ) and was baptized. I began having a lot of dreams and visions of what was to come for the world, as well as, other things. I have always been able to feel the energies of people and know things that no one ever tells me. 

After my second child I was able to clearly speak to Yahuah (God) and more. Years later after my second child my gifts became much stronger. I then decided to become an ordained minister. Just a very few short years later...

I learned reiki healing, prophecy and tarot. This is my mission as a Teacher until he calls me home. 

Fun Facts about me!

  • I am preparing to travel the world
  • I have lived in 6 different states in the U.S.
  • So far; I have traveled through 36 of the 50 states in America
  • I love Disney World and have been 5 times. Planning for Universal Studios by 2022
  • Been homeless 3 times by choice
  • Love the ocean but will only swim if the water is clear and does not have an East or West coast ocean smell.
  • Worked in healthcare over 20 years
  • Went to dance school for several years took tap, ballet and jazz. 
  • Love all types of music! My faves right now are Afro-pop and K- pop. Did someone say Davido,  Super Junior, Wande Cole,  BTS or Jay Park? 😃
  • Grew up in a large family and was the second child
  • Wrote fan fiction in middle school 
  • Was an air bnb host and loved it!
  • I am a single mom and never married

Frequently ask Questions 

How many cards will you use for a reading?

Typically 4 or more  but I do not need cards to do a reading. Therefore messages can be given but I may not have a card for that message.

Who do you read for? for ex; pets or special needs?

I read for pets, children with autism you name it! I love to read for any type of special needs. Especially children. Children and special needs people need an advocate. I love reading for them! 

Should I know my zodiac sign?

Knowing your zodiac sign is not necessary but very helpful.

How will I receive my reading? 

Video or audio will be provided. If audio is provided you will be notified of the cards that are pulled.

How Do I Pay? 

You can email me and I will send you an invoice through email. Which you have 24 hours to respond. If no response in 24 hours. I will assume you decided to cancel and provide the slot of the next available client in line. Just make sure to reach back out to me and I will happily add you back on.  

Can I get a refund?
Readings are non-refundable due to having to prepare for the reading. Once a message has been given it cannot be given back. But call me to discuss.
Can I cancel? 

Of course; but please be kind and cancel at least 24hrs in advance if you can. The earlier the better so someone else can be served during your time frame. 

What is a Psychic or Tarot Reading?

Believe it or not!  Tarot was invented by a "sista"! A black woman who based her cards on the old testament of the "Torah" her name was  Pamela Coleman Smith. But, many will argue the cards were started way before that as a card game and that Rider Waite is the owner of the card deck. In addition to that Tarot is not a replacement for legal, financial, or medical advice. I do not predict the future and I am not into witchcraft or channeling the dead.  My (Yah) God say's prayer can change anything. In addition, will not predict winning lottery numbers, locate people, pets or lost items.

I am new to readings. What should I expect?

I only work for Yah (God), Yahshua (Christ) and the Holy Spirit (Ruach). I do not do any type of spells and ONLY use biblical principles.